Expert Says There are 5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your ‘Hotness’

February 9, 2024 12:03 pm in by

If looking ‘hotter’ is something you think about, science suggests that there are five things you can do to appear more appealing. According to Lillian Park, an expert in psychology, there are scientifically proven methods that can make you appear hotter and more desirable to others.

Wear red

    In Lillian’s book, “How To Win Friends And Influence Fungi,” Park reveals that wearing red is a foolproof way to increase your attractiveness. Studies have shown that men find women more desirable when they are wearing this passionate colour.

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    Surround yourself with attractive friends

    But it doesn’t stop there. Surrounding yourself with attractive friends can actually make you look better too. This phenomenon, known as the “cheerleader effect,” means that having good-looking friends enhances your own desirability.

    Be approachable

    Additionally, being approachable plays a significant role in how hot you appear. Research has shown that people who are approached by others tend to be perceived as more attractive and experience greater chemistry.

    Repeated exposure

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    And here’s a surprising fact – people become more attractive as the night goes on. A study conducted at a bar in Sydney found that repeated exposure to the same people throughout the evening, combined with a smaller pool of potential suitors, influenced how hot individuals were perceived to be.

    Have a great personality

      Lastly, let’s not forget about the power of having a great personality. Kindness, generosity, dependability, and supportiveness all contribute to increased attractiveness. People want to be around those who make them feel good.

      If you’re looking for ways to turn heads, try working these scientifically-backed techniques into your life. You’ll be feeling hotter than ever in no time!