Issy is a brown knee height staffy with white chest and white paws. She has a metal chain as a collar and is locked without the key. She has a large healed scar on her back left leg from a injury. Issy is a very friendly dog, will happily go to anyone for some pats.

Pet Details

Pet Name
Pet Name: Issy
Pet Breed
Pet Breed: Staffy
Pet Sex
Pet Sex: female

Additional Details

Collar: yes
De-sexed: no
Last seen
Last seen: 2022-08-12 19:00:00
Location: Eden

Contact Details

Issy went missing from Eden at around 7pm she was last seen at the ampol service station befriending a truck driver that was there. Has not been seen since then, being such a people dog it’s concerning that she hasn’t been seen. If you have seen issy please contact me. Also if you do see her, please do not be afraid to approach with care and love and hopefully we can get our girl home.


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