National News

Case detected on second Aust Open flight

Another flight full of Australian Open participants has been placed into "hard" lockdown in quarantine, after one person tested positive for coronavirus.

Emirates stops flights to Aust east coast

International airline Emirates has abruptly suspended its flights to Australia's east coast, leaving it more difficult for Australians overseas to make it home.

Homeschooling numbers continue to rise

Some parents struggled to help their kids learn at home during last year's coronavirus lockdowns but others found it so beneficial they decided to continue.

NSW eyes lighter COVID restrictions

The NSW government wants to ease restrictions after the state again recorded zero local COVID-19 cases, but says testing numbers need to rise first.

Treasurer hits back at big tech over news

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has hit back at Google over its experiment burying Australian news content on its search engine, telling the tech giant to focus on paying for it instead.

Samsung launches new Galaxy S smartphone

Samsung has unveiled the first Galaxy S smartphone with a stylus for on-screen work called the S Pen, more than a month ahead of its usual annual release schedule for models of its flagship compact phone.