Shark Finucane guilty of dangerous contact RL Judiciary

July 27, 2022 8:35 am in by


Cronulla forward Dale Finucane has been suspended for two weeks after the NRL judiciary unanimously found his contact with Penrith’s Stephen Crichton to be both dangerous and careless.

Finucane escaped on-field sanction after replays revealed it was his head rather than arm or shoulder that contacted Crichton, who left the field concussed and in need of plastic surgery to repair his ear after the round-19 clash.

After unsuccessfully fighting his charge, Finucane said suspending him for an accidental head clash had set a precedent.

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“I was quite surprised with the outcome, given it was an accidental offence,” he told reporters, “and given our game hasn’t seen accidental head contact sanctioned before.

“It’s going to set a precedent for our game moving forward.”


Image: Cronulla Sharks