Sausages rescued after getting stuck down Batemans Bay rabbit hole

May 17, 2023 11:43 am in by

Fire and Rescue NSW crews don’t just fight fires.

On Monday (May 17) the Batemans Bay crew were called to Rosedale Beach, south of Batemans Bay, to locate two dachshunds that left their owner and got stuck in a mix of dense scrub and rabbit holes.

Jesse Tonje from Bay Fire and Rescue told East Coast Radio the crew used a thermal imaging camera to help find the sausage dogs.

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“Our thermal imaging cameras are great for firefighting but also for rescue as well,” Tonje said.

“We have a search and rescue mode which picks a heat source, and we were scanning through the bushland and we heard a rustle nearby,” he continued.

“Myself and another firefighter were able to locate roughly where it was then walk towards which scared it back towards its owner which was an ideal outcome.”

Mr Tonje said it was a bit of unique call out but not completely out of the ordinary.

“We do a whole range of different calls at Fire and Rescue, as a rescue station in Batemans Bay, we don’t just rescue humans but animals as well,”

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“It’s something that isn’t extremely uncommon but it was unique to have two little dachshunds hiding in the bushes.”

Images: Batemans Bay Fire and Rescue


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