Our perfectly imperfect one-of-a-kind Indian treasures tell a story and create that cosy, homey feeling in your space.

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9/2a Orient Street, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
(+61) 447 276 828
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Corabe was founded by Mother and Daughter duo, Robyn & Abbey Gonsior.

The name ‘Corabe’ (cor-ah-bee) originated by combining family initials to create a unique word that perfectly complements the brands unique treasures.

Robyn & Abbey share a passion for all things interiors, travel & fashion. As a result of this mutual passion, Corabe officially launched in 2021 with an online store and a showroom in Canberra.

Following a sea-change in 2022, Corabe opened its first store in Batemans Bay on the beautiful south coast of NSW.

Corabe takes pride in carefully curating unique and ethically made treasures from around the globe with the vision to inspire luxury, resort style living in your everyday.

We trust that our one-of-a-kind treasures will help bring your resort sanctuary to life.