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Bodalla Pub

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73-77 Princes Hwy, Bodalla NSW 2545, Australia
(02) 6048 4191
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The renowned Bodalla Arms Hotel, now transformed into the Bodalla Pub, faced closure in 2017 and remained dormant until it was auctioned off in 2018. In August 2019, Ron and Sue Jackson were approached to lease the pub. Recognizing its untapped potential and the community’s desire for a thriving local hub, they embarked on a journey to revive the establishment.

After reaching a lease agreement, the Pub officially reopened its doors in November 2019, initially offering beverages and expanding to include meals in December. Despite the challenges posed by the South Coast fires, the Bodalla Pub, like many others, operated minimally, supporting local and interstate firefighters. Subsequently, COVID-19 forced a temporary closure.

Undeterred, the Bodalla Pub persevered, reopening seven days a week and steadily building a loyal clientele. Visitors are encouraged to explore the beauty of Bodalla, with the Pub serving as a welcoming destination.

The Bodalla Pub hosts regular music events in its beer garden, along with Thursday night raffles and giveaways. Happy hour delights patrons every evening across all seven days. Unlike some pubs, Bodalla Pub intentionally forgoes pool tables and poker machines, providing a tranquil space for patrons to unwind and engage in conversations with locals recounting the rich history of the establishment.

In 2021, Bodalla Pub earned the title of the BEST pub in Bodalla, a testament to the dedicated efforts of Ron (Jacko), Sue, and the entire staff. Their warm country hospitality, coupled with exceptional service, continues to welcome visitors with open arms. Whether you’re a local or a traveler passing through, the Bodalla Pub invites you to experience the charm of this iconic establishment.