Nethercote Residents Association

A little bit about the group

Residents Volunteer Group – Guardians of the Nethercote Hall.

If you’re not familiar with Nethercote Hall it is one of a very few historic country halls that has been
successfully maintained due to long-term committed voluntary support of local residents and the
community (and a little bit of asset repair funding from BVSC – but we also have to give them any rental revenue earned).

Originally opened in 1910, the hall was fully restored in 2008 when the local community donated time and money
to fully refurbished the hall from the ground up. The hall now provides a perfect venue for a wide
range of events including the following community run fundraising events that continue to support
the hall and other charitable work in the Bega Valley:
• Produce Markets (Quarterly) – Funds raised support the hall and each market a local project
or event is selected to receive a donation from the Market Committee.
• Nethercote Music Factory – Funds raised go towards supporting local students in their
music endeavours including providing scholarships or musical instruments

Over the years the community has also raised donations to provide the hall with a piano for musical
events, fully equipped commercial kitchen, crockery and furniture for events. Unfortunately, the last
few years of bushfires and covid restrictions has impacted our ability to fundraise – as with so many
charities and not for profits. This year the volunteer team are working tirelessly fundraising at every opportunity to fill the gap in fundraising to help preserve the hall and the community activities it hosts long into the future. The volunteers run fundraising parties, BBQs, organise and cook suppers for gigs at the halls as fundraising too. Every little bit goes a long way to preserve the hall.


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