A little bit about the group

Starting with only a few members over 2 years ago the group has grown to have 2 weekly sessions of approximately 12 per sessions on Thursdays starting at 8:30am and 9:30am taking 1 hour each session!!,

Cherie and Megan give up their time to adapt training for young and old never refusing entry, visitors to the area also come, Cherie and Megan just add some other exercise into the session therefore creating opportunities to exercise for everyone!

We are also confident to use the equipment training ourselves on the rare occasions they are unable to be with us!!! They adapted sessions through all kinds of disasters and covid and we as a group are included in decisions and discussion along the way even choosing the name, color and logo of the group.

It is such a friendly fun thing to see everyone’s fitness improve whilst having fun at the same time. We love it and them!!!!! Lighting is required for the area and garden maintenance.

We run, we jog, we exercise, we laugh and we play together!


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