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For months, our emergency services organisations have worked tirelessly , dealing with the devastating bushfires, the worst we've seen in years.

These men & women put their own lives at risk, to keep us safe.

Now you can show your support & say thank you, for the tremendous work done, fighting the bushfires on the South Coast, by leaving a message on our Tribute Wall:

Tribute Wall

Between the efforts of my husband, Steve, who stayed to defend, and the two fire trucks that turned up at just the right time, I have no doubt that is why I still have my home today! Thank you!
Sharon from SURF BEACH
Young Nathan, a firey from Quaama, saved the Paulin's grandkids, driving through fire in a private car - getting them out of burning house. The children definitely would have died if Nathan hadn't risked his life for them.
Spud from Cobargo
We have never experienced anything as frightening as the fires on the South Coast in November, December and January. All of these Firefighters are Heroes as are all the Volunteers behind the scenes. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Janice from Nowra
I have my daughter and her husband plus 3 of their 4 kids in the Darkes Forest Brigade, they came down to assist in our fires. They stayed with me. My son is in the Batemans Bay Brigade and also fought the fires around our beautiful towns. Selfless acts from all our firies. All I can say is thank you and please walk away if there is danger, your life is also precious.
Sue from North Batemans Bay
A big thankyou to all the firies, emergency personnel, electricity and phone workers. You have all done an amazing job under horrific conditions.?
Joanne from Malua bay
Thanks RFS for protecting us for so many months of long hot tiring days and nights. This is where you give up your own and Family time for us whilst putting your life on the line every summer; and also during winter as you try to back burn to ensure our future safety. Always appreciated and loved by us. Thanks Gary and Laura and Russ and Maxxi the wonder Collie. From Nowra North
Gary from North Nowra
To all the fire fighters on the front line and the background staff and their families We say thank you for giving so much of your time and efforts to continuously fighting the fires burning across Australia and a thank you to all the fire fighters from other countries. Thank you All
Greg and Judy from Shoalhaven heads
We would like to thank our R.F.S Volunteers with FREE Physiotherapy and Osteopathy here in Bowral at Active Therapies.
Andrew from Bowral
We are very very grateful for all the work all the firefighters did and saving peoples homes and lives they did such a amazing job a big thankyou to them all they are truely hero’s
Kathy from Nowra
Thank you very much for protecting us during the worst bushfire season I’ve experienced so far. When I came to Australia 7 years ago I’ve never thought that one day I’ll be in the middle of the hell even I wasn’t directly impacted by the fire. My words cannot express gratitude and respect for you. THANK YOU!
Renata from Cambewarra
It is a known saying, when trouble comes, heroes rise. Thankyou to all those heroes assisting people and animals in dire circumstances. You have shown selflessness beyond what could ever be expected or achieved, and set a high standard for humanity, a moral compass for us all. A special mention to the Greenwell Point RFS and (Captain) Sam out there everyday in those monster fires, by actions saying to people in trouble “We’re here, we’ve got you, you’re safe”. How do you ever repay for this type of help. There are no words exceptional enough in gratitude for the gift of assistance that was given by those Australian and oversea’s heroes who stepped up. Many had thought Australian culture was losing its sense of morals and humanity but these fighters for us, (Our Fire Defenders) , protected us, our homes, our animals without fuss and with courage, and proved goodness and kindness are still great Australian strengths. This nation is humbled, and owes so much.
Jan from Nowra
God Bless the RFS ?
Sharon & Steve from Canyonleigh
I want to say a special thank you to James, Bruce and Jamie who are from west nowra brigade who were with me at Grafton as we fought fire and were over run. Your support for me through that has been amazing thank you so so much guys.
Sharon from Cudmirrah
To all emergency services: those in the air, RFS, Fire and Rescue, SES and all those supporting the front line troops, a huge thank you! We really appreciate everything you have done to keep us safe. Hugs for all.
Dorothy & Vicki from Colo Vale
Although not directly affected by the fires we still appreciate all the emergency services who risk their lives and in very sad cases have given their lives for others.
Sally from North Nowra
There are not enough words to express the gratitude we all feel for the amazing work you do, not only in the recent fire disaster, but every day of the year, thank you all so very much.
Suzanne from Kioloa
Thank you to all the fire fighters,you do amazing work and deserve all the praise and love that comes to you .
Michelle from Yerrinbool
Many thanks to those who bravely put their lives in to danger to save others, you are our true heroes.
Amir from Worrigee
To the angels of the sky (our water bombers), our heroes on the ground (RFS) and all our emergency services personnel, thank you is simply not enough for all you have done to keep us safe. You are all amazing and we are eternally grateful ??
Shar from South Nowra
Thankyou so much to all our brave firefighters and other emergency services for saving our town and homes. God bless you all and take care.
Evelyn from Sussex Inlet
We would sincerely wish to thank all the Firies and emergency services for their overwhelming service during our horror fire season. We would also like to thank them all for giving up their Christmas holiday festivities with their own families. This is time they will never get back, and it was a very selfless effort given by all. We are extremely proud to salute you all, and are very happy to be an Australian. We will continue to support our local firies and emergency service personnel. Again Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ?
Noel and Leonie from Sanctuary Point
We just want to say how much we appreciate the service of the firefighters for protecting us all from this devastating fires God bless you and your families. Thank you once again our heroes.
Aurore from Nowra
Great job
Amanda from Nowra
Thank you for all your hard work fighting the fires.You are the best!
Eli from Kings Point
You are all heros and worth your weight in gold. Thank you very much for your hard work.
Val from Old Erowal Bay
I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart your are true Super Heros.
Robin from Sanstuary Point
I have a friend whos husband is a Fire fighter ! He has been going out since October! Driving ! Doing long shifts ! He is 70yrs old !! Words can’t express. ,and THANK YOU doesn't seam enough to praise all these people,, Men an dWomen , who are dedicated to helping there Communities and people in this awful time GOD BLESS YOU ALL ,! and all the services !!!
Leila. from Old Erowal By
My “ thank you “ seems so small compared to all you’ve done, but It comes from my heart. ??
Cathy from Nowra
A big thank you to all involved a difficult job but you did us proud.
Diane from Orient Point
To the Men and Women who fought and risked yor lives to put out the fires around the Shoalhaven and areas ....Thank you very very much for the time and effort you all did to keep the areas safe from people in the shoalhaven and areas ...We hope these terrible fires never happen as bad as they were but agin i thank you for doing such a great job . THANKS AGAIN
Alison from nowra
Marisa from St. George’s Basin
Thank you seems not enough but a big thank you are HEROES again thank you
Mary from Sanctuary Point
You all should be very very proud of your efforts.... We all are!! Thank you to all of these service heroes.... We hope you get a much needed break very very soon!!
Jess from Lake Tabourie
? Thank You ?
Jakki from Nowra
To all of the Firies both here and from abroad and to all of the Emergency services, thank you each and every one of you for an incredible job. We would be lost without you all. The Lucre Family
Sandra from Sanctuary Point
A big Thank you to each and everyone of those emergency services but also St. George’s basin rfs and my son Michael Sharp just very proud of you all Thank you Sharp Family
Karen from Sanctuary point
There aren’t enough words which to show to let you all know how grateful we are for all you have done, time spent away from families, the dangers you faced daily and the conditions that you all so bravely fought fires to protect our communities, homes , families and friends .THANK YOU ???‍?
Kerrie & Jamie from Tomerong
Me and my family would love to say thank you
Peter from Nowra
A huge Thank you to all Emergency Services .We are Forever Grateful ..Thank you ..Especially our RFS .
Angela from Sanctuary Point
To ALL the Firefighters AND helpers all over our beautiful country ...... .........? T H A N K Y O U ?..........
Lauren from North Nowra
A big Thank you to all the fireys and all other emergency services. A huge big THANK YOU to our local St Georges Basin RFS, to Captain Michelle and all her hard working crew. We admire your resilience, fortitude and never say die attitude. Well done to you all - hope you get a well earned rest soon.
To all the firies, volunteers and their family, Thank you for all your sacrifices and efforts. Your courage and selfless act are truly inspiring.
Kate from Cambewarra
To all the fire's from local to near and far you are all awesome and have and are doing an awesome job well done you all deserve a super extra extra extra extremely huge hug and Pat on the back.
Sue from Bomaderry
My dad missed on Christmas and New Years with his mates and family because he wanted to help out the community. He is so selfless and doesn’t get much recognition for it! Without people like him the whole of NSW would of been burnt. I am so thankful for you dad and for everything u have done to help our friends, family and the community! I love u dad
Gabi from Sanctuary point
Without the local firies and volunteers, this country would be a lot worse off. A HUGE Thanks to everyone involved!
James from Yellow Pinch
Biggest THANK YOU to all the men and women in the RFS for protecting our lives, homes and animals during the recent fires. Respect and appreciation for the amazing job you have all done!
Shirley from Cessnock
Thank you to all the firefighters and local volunteers for doing an amazing job!
Lucas from Wollongong