You Had Me at "Osher in a Bubble Bath"

April 13, 2022 11:33 pm in by

Host of the Bachelor Australia Osher Gunsberg has released a bizarre bathtub video for the federal election but it’s not a politician or party that he’s spruiking, it’s change.

“There is a reason why politics can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The need to win elections is what makes politicians act like, well, politicians,” Osher states while enjoying his time soaking in the tub surrounded by well-placed bubbles. I mean that’s one way to get people’s attention.

The video promotes the use of Citizens Assemblies, which would take a mix of people chosen through a lottery and bring them together to discuss specific issues or challenges posed by the Government. It’s a system that has been used overseas in Europe and the UK and helps give people a voice on topics that affect them. Think of things along the lines of climate change, tax, immigration and welfare. 

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The movement is promoted at Change Politics – where they say “We’d have a better democracy if it was less about elections” and you can sign a petition to show your support. There is also a FAQ to answer any questions.


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