UNO drops a new deck of ALL wild cards so let the feuding begin

January 13, 2022 11:05 pm in by


The crafty creators of UNO have released a new version of the feud-inflicting card game with no colour or number cards.

A brand new version of your favourite card game is now available, and it’s called UNO All Wild.

As the name suggests, this slate of cards is in fact ALL wild cards. No blue, green, yellow or red. No numbers. Just fierce wild cards with the traditional SkipReverse and +2 stylings.

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There’s also some new action cards included in the 112-card deck of UNO All Wild.


“We told you 2022 was going to be wild,” says a post on UNO’s Twitter.

“Introducing a few new cards: the Wild Target +2, the Wild Swap Hands, the Wild Double Skip, the Wild Skip and the Wild Reverse.” 

According to the game manufacturer the revamped version of the old family favourite will be more dynamic.

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“In UNO All Wild card game, every single card is wild for a fast-paced, even more unpredictable version of this family favorite! There’s no matching of number or color like regular UNO, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.”


Our friends at Mattel also confirmed what you might suspect about the new mystical Wild Double Skip and Wild Swap Hands cards.

“When the Wild Forced Swap Hand card is played, you MUST swap hands with another player.” 

And yes, if you’re playing with just 2 people and the Wild Double Skip card is played, you’ll essentially be skipping yourself.

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“It skips the next two players, so yes in a 2 player game you would be skippig yourself as well,” UNO wrote.

No doubt UNO are fully aware of what they’ve done. They’ve released a game that could tear friendships and families apart right across the globe (and to be honest, we’re totally cool with that).

One Twitter user wrote, “Just add a “fight the person to your right” card and be done with it.”

Another confirmed that, “family game night is about to be WILD.”

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You can grab UNO All Wild direct from Mattel for USD$5.99. Happy feuding!

Images: UNO All Wild / Mattel


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