How Does It Look inside Your Running Dishwasher?

March 21, 2022 10:38 pm in by

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your dishwasher after you turn it on and walk away?

This guy did, so like any Youtuber worth his salt he went out and purchased everything new and then proceeds to mount an action cam to the inside of one before turning it on so we could watch the magic happen.

Now if you think that sounds easy, it’s really not. He admits at the beginning that he’s destroyed a few cameras attempting the process.

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The combination of water with extreme heat made short work of his previous cameras.

He mentions that the heat reaches around 170F which is around 77 degrees celsius in Australia.

This time he attempts it with a different action cam that has a dive case. 

The results are, how do we put this, therapeutic?

The channel is called “Warped Perceptions” and it’s a pretty fitting title as we’ve never experienced anything like it.

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If anything it’s kind of similar to the experience of taking your car through a car wash.

Be warned though if you get the feeling of claustrophobia this might not be the experience you are looking for.




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