3 Games to Play with Your Valentine


Forget Netflix and Chill this Valentines day, it's all about being interactive and choosing the right game to play with the one you love. 

Number 1

Bleeding Edge (beta)

Bleeding Edge’s beta arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, with the full game available in March. This could be the perfect game for a long-distance relationship, as you embark on a multiplayer campaign – teaming up and causing chaos in this fun brawler, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get automatic access to the closed beta from Feb 14. Awwwwe.. so much better than flowers and chocolates and you can give them a card with something corny like "My heart bleeds for you" to tie it all in.


Number 2

Overcooked 2

Ah, the perfect game to test the strength and longevity of any relationship. Forget those other personality testers like Monopoly, Uno, or deciding what to have for dinner, Overcooked 2 will either tear your relationship apart or take it to the next level. The premise is simple; you and your beau need to dish up as many meals as possible while working around some stress-inducing obstacles. Mastering Overcooked 2 requires high-level communication and strategic delegation. If you’re still speaking to one another after playing this game, you know you’re meant to be, if not.. hit me up for a number for a good therapist. 


Number 3


Minecraft is the perfect game to play with a partner as you don't need to concentrate hard on the game and can still hold a conversation while you play it. You can work through the game together or share the building and mining. Maybe you and your partner planning to build your first home, create the design for your dream home, laying out the foundations for a future together in 8-bit like block graphics. 


Now your night is complete, sit back grab a controller and settle in with a nice meal, some flowers, chocolates and a subscription and remember there must be a T-Shirt somewhere that says "Gamers make better lovers" if not, someone should make one.