Elegance coach reveals 7 things a 'classy lady' should NEVER say

Anna Bey has advised her 1.1 million Youtube subscribers what words they should NEVER use if they want to be considered classy.

Anna Bey is an 'an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space' and is basically a modern-day equivalent of Henry Higgins (cue 'the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain').

The Swedish elegance coach has revealed 7 things you should NEVER say if you want to be elegant instead of awkward.

How many of these socialite speech rules do you break?

1. Saying 'Bubbly' instead of 'Champagne'

Apparently if you're a class act, you wouldn't dare use the term 'bubbly' when referring to your favourite French wine.

Instead you should call it what it is, Champagne or Prosecco.

That means champers, booze, fizzy and shamps are all out of the question.

According to Anna, 'an elegant lady would never refer to a fine alcoholic beverage by those terms'.

2. Using abbreviations

Yep, all abbreviations are a no-go if you're trying to impress, so C U L8R arvo, PJs, uni, probs, asap and servo!

While abbreviating words won't break any formal elocution laws, it will make you sound less fancy.

'You're going to notice how your speech will simply sound so much more elevated when you use the full sentences or full names instead of shortening them,' Anna explains.


3. Saying 'Very' instead of 'terribly'

This one's simple: Sub out 'very' for 'terribly' and you'll start sounding like the Queen Of England in no time!

4. Asking 'Can I' instead of 'May I'

We're all guilty of this one, and when asking for something we often default to 'can I have this?' or 'can I have that?'.

For a simple elegance level-up, try saying 'may I have this?' and 'may I have that?'.

Anna explains that "'May I' is the right way to ask permission for something' and it 'technically makes more sense to say 'May'".

5. Using 'Pardon Me'

Thought saying 'pardon me' made you seem fancy AF?

Me too, but turns out it doesn't *cries*.

Instead Anna says, "In upper class circles, it's actually viewed as something quite basic and unsophisticated", so you're better off just saying 'excuse me'.

6. Describing things with 'Totally' and 'Completely'

We totally overuse these two words and are completely obsessed with throwing them into our vocabulary, however there's one simple trick to make you sound posher than you actually are.

Use the word 'quite' instead of 'totally' and 'completely'.

Eg. 'Oh darling, I'm quite famished, when will Diana be bringing out the cucumber sandwiches?'


7. Overusing 'Really'

Just as the word 'very' sneaks into our day-to-day speech, so does 'really'.

Anna says to reduce how often you say 'really', add 'rather' to your vocabulary.

So, are you feeling like you're ready to become My Fair Lady? Why not see if you're breaking any of the rules on things ladies never share.

Image Credit: My Fair Lady / IMDB © 1964 Warner Bros. Pictures