Squid Game In Real Life

One of the biggest YouTubers on the planet (Mr Beast) has recreated the whole Squid Game in real life.

And it cost over $3.5 million to make!

Jimmy (My Beast) is known for his massive videos that often involve truckloads of cash.

This video is no different. He's got 456 people to compete for $456,000 US Dollars.

The first challenge up was Red Light Green Light and you might be wondering how are they eliminated?

Each player has an explosive pouch under their shirts so when they lose, the pouch explodes!

Watching the players try and hold their pose was intense, but nowhere near as intense as what was to come.

One thing I noticed was a logo underneath the counter on the TV in the waiting room and then a massive logo on the money ball.

This was a really interesting piece of native advertising for a mobile phone game. I wonder how much they paid for that!

Next up was the Dalgona challenge. The one where you have to get the shape out without breaking it.

The contestants had no idea which shape they were lined up behind until the reveal.

A surprising amount of people managed to complete the umbrella.

Tug of War was third and the Marbles game was the fourth challenge.

Both sets were recreated to give the illusion this was the real squid game.

In the middle of the video, the contestants are given a Ddakji challenge (the paper flipping game).

This was to supplement the riot that took place in the series.

Interestingly, they split the challenge and the sponsor message up so it didn't feel like you were just watching an ad.

This is why Mr. Beast is so successful. He knows how to integrate a sponsor without making it boring.

And let's face it, when it costs $3.5 million to make, you need sponsors.

The Glass Bridge challenge was very intense.

Whilst there was no glass, the platforms did collapse if the players chose the wrong path.

This one came right down to the last seconds.

The final challenge?

I can't tell you. You are going to have to watch the video.

We were literally on the edge of our seats.

And as a bonus, here's some behind the scenes footage of how they achieved the MASSIVE task of recreating all the sets for Squid Game.