Facebook is Planning to Change It's Name

It's being reported that Facebook is looking to change its name with a massive rebrand set to be announced.

The founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg is expected to talk about the decision at an upcoming event but it's thought that the worlds worst kept secret could be unveiled even sooner.

The plans will mean that Facebook would change the name of the parent company, but not actually the social media platform that 1.9 billion people use every day.

That original app will fall under the new parent company name which will also include other major players in the social space including Instagram, WhatsApp and the popular home Virtual Reality devices Oculus who produce the Oculus Quest 2. 

It's believed that the name change is linked to the company building a "Metaverse" that has become the focus of large investment into the VR space.

This product would be a virtual and augmented reality environment that companies, creators and developers could live inside creating spaces for things like virtual concerts and even workspaces. 

This could be a gamechanger that eventually could be as popular as smartphones and even replace them to some extent. 

Facebook partnered with Rayban recently to reveal integrated sunglasses that can listen, and capture visions to share to your Facebook account.

It's all starting to sound a lot familiar, especially if you have read the book or seen the film for "Ready Player One".

Is this the future of social online entertainment and even more?