6 fingered footballer goes viral

footballer 6 fingers

Well this is a handy trait!

An American college footballer is going viral for a photo that reveals he has six fingers on his right hand. 

Kentucky linebacker JJ Weaver's genetic trait has mostly flown under the radar up until now, but he was recently profiled in a story for ESPN where his extra digit was put front and centre.

His extra digit is fully functional and helps him grab the ball and catch it better while playing football, so it's become his superpower now. 

Growing up, JJ Weaver was bullied as a kid and did his best to hide his difference. "I was picked on and bullied for being different about my extra finger and they used to call me an alien," he said.

Now he's fully embracing what makes him unique (having an extra digit affects 1 in 1000 people) including off the field where he goes into schools and tells kids it's okay to be different.

High six to that!

Image: Instagram/jjtimee, Twitter/PFF_College