This Toy Story/Squid Game Scares the Sid Out of Us

Someone made a Toy Story, Squid Game CrossOver and it scares the Sid out of us

That someone is Mark Cannataro who is known for making some visually stunning FX videos. Like this one "Watch Grogroot" where Groot pops up to scare a super cute Baby Yoda, Grogroot is the best.

But there is something strangely disturbing about taking everyone's favourite living toys and putting them into the horrific first episode scene of the game of Red Light, Green Light that sets the tone for the entire season of Squid Game on Netflix.

Sid of course was the antagonist of the first Toy Story movie that was released way back in 1995. As if he wasn’t evil enough, this just takes him to the next level. Will Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang survive?

You have to watch the video to find out. 

Even if you watch it through the gaps in your fingers as you try to shy away from the horror.

If you haven't been one of the people bingeing what has overtaken Bridgerton as the most-watched Netflix show of all time. Now might be the time to do some catch-up.

If it looks too scary, you could always go grab a Disney + subscription and rewatch Toy Story for the hundredth time, but I promise you Sid is just as freaky in that.