Genius crumpet garlic bread food hack

TikTok and its endless sea of food hacks has delivered again!

This time it’s garlic bread made with crumpets. What a genius combination!

TikTok user Food Made Simple has uploaded a video of the winning formula where heavy, stodgy bread is swapped out for light and fluffy crumpets filled with air! 

Check out the super quick recipe:

@foodmadesimple #foodmadesimple #food #foodtiktok #foodtok ♬ The Hustle - Van McCoy

But some people are upset by crumpets being cut up. Apparently crumpets should only be eaten whole. Who knew?

James Brown asked: "Serious question has anyone ever cut a crumpet" and got a few yes answers. Issey jumped in with: "These crumpets being butchered like that is making me feel all kinds of uncomfortable" while Jean Castillo said "person is shaking bc they know this is wrong but is being held against their will". 

Some people are just scared of crumpets altogether. Hayleigh Gallimore said: "I don't like the wholes in crumpets and won't eat them because of it".

We think they're missing out big time!

How do you eat your crumpets? Do you ever cut them?