Everything you need to know about Census 2021

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August 10 is census day, so who needs to be involved and what happens if you don't fill it out?

More than 2.4 million people have already filled out their census details, which should help ease the squeeze on the official date, August 10.

If you're like us though, there's a chance you haven't checked your mail recently and completely forgot about having to fill out that pesky online form. Here's everything you need to know to get it done.


Who needs to participate?

Firstly, participating in Census 2021 is compulsory, and everyone who is staying in your household on Census night (Aug 10) must be included. This includes visitors and babies. If you're still unsure, get more of who needs to be included on your form here.


Why do we need a Census?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the Census information creates a snapshot of who we are as a nation, and tells a story of how we are changing.

"Census data is used to inform important decisions about transport, schools, health care, infrastructure and business. It also helps plan local services for individuals, families and communities."


How do I participate?

The best thing about this census is the added level of flexibility. You can fill out your details on paper, online or with some extra help from the ABS peeps.

There's also window of time to get it done, as opposed to everyone logging in on the same night - though we'll probably all end up doing it last minute anyway, right?


What if I don't want to be involved?

Like we said, the Census is compulsory and there's some hefty fines for failing to complete it.

Under the Census and Statistics Act 1905, you can be fined up to $222 a day until you lodge your census details. That's $1,554 if you're a week late to the party.

You also stray away from providing false or misleading information. Lying in your answers will see you slapped with a fine of $2,200. No thanks.


For more information about Census 2021, click here.

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