Watch: Mash-up of Iconic Australian Jingles


A local singer has created a mash-up of some of the most iconic Australian jingles and it's a BIG trip down memory lane!

Once upon a time, the jingle was a real thing of beauty. Think Cottees Cordial, Banana Boat Sunscreen, Vegemite and Budget Direct.

To celebrate these catchy and wonderful tunes Australian singer-songwriter, Genes, has mashed together the likes of The Good Guys, Lube Mobile, Natural Confectionary Co and the Reading Writing Hotline jingles to create a masterpiece out of the commercial campaigns that shaped our childhood.

The Townsville-based pop artist shared the compilation of nostalgic jingles to her socials in two parts.


Genes told us why she felt compelled to create the mash-up:

Honestly whenever I even think about pizza I can’t but hear the 13 11 66 Pizza Hut delivery jingle in my head, or if someone says HELLOOOO with a slight inflection, the big man Frank Walker pops into my mind. No matter what, those jingles are gonna be forever ingrained in my head and I had to get them out of me. 


It’s a dumb idea that came to mind one afternoon and I whipped it together in 5 minutes, people seem to really be attached to the nostalgia of it all. I’ve even had AAMI reach out and say they love the tik tok video... Okay that’s nice, but can I have free car insurance guys? Haha!”

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