Zack Snyders Justice League Official Trailer and Release Date

It seems like we've been talking about this movie for years, and it's because we have. In 2017 a film was released called "Justice League" it was to bring the mega heroes of the DC universe together. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Superman and Cyborg all in glorious live-action. 

But to oversimplify, it didn't quite work. Original director Zack Snyder left the project for personal reasons and in stepped Joss Weadon to take over. Joss famously brought the Marvel heroes together in Avengers and Age of Ultron and has been in the news the last few weeks for other reasons. Reasons that were originally brought to the attention of the world by Ray Fischer who plays Cyborg in Justice League.

Now after all the fan debates, and an extra $70 million plus spent to finish the project we will finally see “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, his original vision.

In this new official trailer, we see characters that were a part of the vision but never realised in the theatrical release in 2017. The Joker and Darkseid appear as well as a slightly different look and tone to the villain of the first release "Steppenwolf".

The movie will be a four-hour epic that promises to really flesh out the characters more to be a more complete and tribute to the source material than the mostly reshot Joss Whedon theatrical version.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” will be coming exclusively to HBO Max from March 18th.

In Australia, it will be interesting to see where the movie will pop up. It could be Foxtel services as they picked up a majority of the HBO content. However, Netflix in Australia houses most of the DC content like Titans and some of the animated movies. Wonder Woman is available to rent through Apple and Prime Video.