Documentary on Hotel from American Horror Story Coming to Netflix

The Cecil Hotel was the inspiration for American Horror Story Season 5 and Netflix is bringing us a documentary on what really happened within its walls.

There was a rumour that The Black Dhalia was seen drinking at the bar inside The Cecil days before she was murdered.

The Night Stalker was also said to have taken up residence inside the hotel for a few weeks. You might recall the Night Stalker in American Horror Story Hotel.

However, one of the biggest internet mysteries is that of Elisa Lam. A Canadian student staying at the Cecil (rebranded to be Stay on Main) who disappeared.

She was last seen on security footage inside the elevator acting erratic and strange.


It was only after the residents started to complain about low water pressure and odd-tasting water, that her naked body was discovered inside a water tank on the roof.

How she got in there and why she was naked is a mystery primed for the internet and perhaps this documentary series.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel documentary series starts on Netflix this February 10th.