Love a BBQ? You might Love these Smoothies

boost bbq range

Boost Juice has released a limited range of Saucy BBQ smoothies that are inspired by our love of a good ol' backyard BBQ over summer.

The three new flavours are Smokey Mango BBQ, Balsamic Strawberry and Soy Sauced.

They sound a bit weird and wacky, but for a country that loves Vegemite, we’re not afraid to try something a bit unconventional are we?

As its name suggests, the Smokey Mango BBQ is like a ripe, juicy mango that’s been flame grilled to smokey perfection. Mangoes are great in any format, and this sounds like a winner.

The Balsamic Strawberry is a mix of sweet and sour and is like a fancy dressed BBQ salad that screams, ‘I’ve got my life together’, but in smoothie form. We can all pretend, right?

And Soy Sauced contains real soy sauce, which sounds a bit intense but it’s basically like sweet and salty caramel or popcorn, just in liquid form. What’s not to love?

What weird flavour combinations do you love?

Image: Supplied