Aussie Dakar Rally 'Bush Mechanic' Toby Price Survives With Cable Tied Tyres

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Update 12 January 2021 9 pm:

Toby Price has been airlifted to hospital after crashing out of the 2021 Dakar Rally at the 155-kilometre point of Tuesday's ninth stage.

Price is receiving an assessment of head, right wrist and left shoulder injuries, the extent of the injuries is unknown, organisers confirmed he was conscious during treatment at the scene.

Original article below:

Aussie Toby Price has stayed in the hunt for his third title despite a large gash in his tyre.

Price remains second overall, riding most of the stage with his tyre kept on by tape and cable ties.

The rider who won the race in 2016 and 2019 has since updated his social media bio to include "Bush Mechanic."

In a tweet sent prior to setting off (below) you can watch Price detail just what went wrong, and what he did to fix the tyre with his bush mechanic skills.

"We've taped it up so no more dirt can get inside and tried to blow the mousse out, and we've put some zip ties on there to try and hold the tyre together," Price says in the video.

"Cross your fingers and toes for me today guys... the bush mechanic is back in action!"

Price said that he'd tried to fix the tyre as much as he could when he refuelled at the 229km mark, where he saw he only had one cable tie left holding the tyre.

"I didn't think I would make it to the finish, let alone 2nd in stage and still be 2nd overall," Price tweeted.

Photo: Eric Vargiolu / DPPI / LM/Sipa USA/AAP