South Coast fisherman: There's at least two white whales like Migaloo

Local commercial fisherman Trapman Bermagui says he has seen two white whales, meaning Migaloo, is not the only one. 

 "Last year when Migaloo was at the Gold Coast, we actually saw one here (on the South Coast) at the same time, so I'm suspicious there might be more than one out there," Trapman said. 

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Migaloo fromFB Migaloo

(Photo: Migaloo)

Trapman also gives us an update on: 

-A marine accident that was avoided near Camel Rock yesterday

-A seal (pictured) who popped up to say hi to the locals at the Bermagui Co-Op

-The latest news in the fishing world on the South Coast

Seal in Bermi

(Photo: Trapman Bermagui)

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