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Tips and tricks to save on fuel


It seems like fuel prices are just going to keep going up and up. How can you help save yourself some money though?

1. Refuel when prices are low - This may seem like an obvious one but it really can help. Fill up when it's cheap not when your tank is empty.

2. Shop around - There's plenty of apps out there!

3. Avoid hard acceleration and braking. Flow with the traffic – smooth driving can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent

4. Watch your speed - Keep in the left land if travelling below the limit

5. Lighten the load - Take off rook-racks and bull cars if they're not needed. Remove stuff from the boot if you're not using it as well.

6. Tyre pressure - Keep pressure towards the top of the manufacturer’s recommended range. Under-inflated tyres respond poorly to steering and do not hold well on the road.

7. Have your wheel alignment checked - An improper alignment will see your tyres drag across the bitumen rather than rolling freely which results in lower fuel economy

8. Open the windows - When the weather is fine, switch off the air-conditioning. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent in urban driving.

9. Service your car regularly

10. Shop smart - Take advantage of the range of petrol offers with companies

Tips provided by the NRMA