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Dancing FBI agent fires off gun


An unidentified off-duty FBI agent accidently shot a bystander in the leg when his gun fell from its holster as he showed of his rad moves on the dance-floor of a bar in Denver, Colorado over the weekend.

Video footage shared to Twitter shows the off-duty agent (and on-duty party animal) showing off his moves at the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar before performing a backflip. As he flipped, his gun fell from its holster and fell to the floor. In his haste to pick it up, the agent accidently fires a shot into the crowd of patrons, hitting a man in the leg.

With the mood effectively killed, shocked patrons looked on as the agent picks up his weapon, holds up his hands as if to say “oops, my bad” and simply leaves the dance floor.

The patron was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and it is believed he will make a full recovery.

An investigation has been opened into the accidental shooting but it is unclear if the agent, who has still not been named, will face charges or disciplinary action.

Denver Police spokeswoman Marika Putnam said the agent was taken to a police station and later released to an FBI supervisor.

IMAGE: By Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons