2EC October Rocks - It's a 31 Day Music Celebration.

2EC will shine the spotlight on the Classic Albums, Stretto's History Lesson, Daily Dose of Bon, 4 from Before, Rock 5 at 5 & your chance to win tickets to Bon Jovi This House is Not For Sale Tour in Sydney.


2EC will play the albums you grew up listening to and you might still have on vinyl from AC/DC, Bowie, Springsteen, U2 and more! Weekdays 11am & 3pm.


During October, 2EC is widening the music variety, during your workday. We'll play the big Rock Songs from a selected year, with 20 Years in 20 Days, another way October Rocks.


 2EC is giving you the chance to see Bon Jovi Live in Sydney. To get you in the mood, we'll roll out Bon Jovi's biggest hits, with your Daily Dose of Bon.


Stretto has a look at what made these superstars of rock absolute legends.


4 from Before, will bring together 4 of your favourite rock tracks, all with one specific theme. Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm.


Join us Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons, for the Rock 5 at 5. Tune the volume up and get ready to play the air guitar, to the Rock Songs you love!