National News

Qld govt earmarks $750m for cancer centre

Queensland cancer patients will be able to access specialist treatments at a new $750 million centre, which is expected to ease pressure on crowded public hospitals.

Senate closer to gun control measures

US senators have announced a bipartisan framework for a firearms safety bill following the United States' latest spate of mass shootings, in a potential breakthrough toward the country's first significant new gun law in decades.

Protein molecule link to melanoma outcomes

South Australian researchers are working to improve outcomes for skin cancer patients after discovering a particular protein may determine the fate of people with the disease.

Vic Premier brushes off CHO Honours 'snub'

Victoria's high profile chief health officer won't be troubled by missing out on this year's Honours list, after his NSW, Queensland and federal counterparts were all awarded gongs, the premier says.

Warne, COVID responders receive honours

A man who stopped Australia being bowled over by COVID-19 and another who knocked off opponents like no other feature in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

AFL set to investigate Bulldogs star Smith

The AFL will interview Bailey Smith after the Western Bulldogs star admitted to possessing an illicit substance late in 2021 when he "spiralled out of control" amid struggles with his mental health.

Aussies fail to recognise emergencies

While Australians may pride themselves on their she'll-be-right attitude to life, that approach could also worryingly be applied to potentially life-threatening medical emergencies.