National News

Thousands more Australians set to fly home

Scott Morrison insists thousands more stranded Australians will re-enter the country each week, pressuring the states to boost capacities in hotel quarantine.

NSW eases border restrictions with Vic

The easing of coronavirus restrictions in regional Victoria has prompted the NSW government to relax travel orders on its border with the southern state.

Lack of flexible work keeps women at home

Australian women made redundant by COVID-19 are finding it tough to return to work due to a lack of flexibility from employers as they struggle to shoulder the burden of caring for family amid the pandemic.

AstraZeneca trial, illness link 'unlikely'

The adverse events that led to a pause in trials evaluating AstraZeneca Plc's COVID-19 vaccine candidate may not have been associated with the vaccine itself, according to a document outlining participant information that was posted online by the Oxford University.

NSW elective surgery waitlist blows out

The NSW government is being urged to boost the number of nurses to help tackle the elective surgery backlog after it was revealed the waitlist has blown out to more than 100,000.