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Japan confirms virus among ship passengers

More than 3700 people face at least two weeks locked away on a cruise liner anchored off Japan after health officials confirmed that 10 people, including two Australians, on the ship had tested positive for coronavirus and more cases were possible.

Trump-Pelosi feud erupts during speech

A bitter feud between US President Donald Trump and top Democrat Nancy Pelosi has boiled over at his State of the Union speech, with Trump denying her a handshake and Pelosi ripping apart a copy of his remarks behind his back.

Tired bushfire workers plead for funding

Frontline emergency workers say a lack of resources during Australia's months-long bushfire crisis has left them burnt out and in dire need of more funding.

Jury sees photos of naked Weinstein

Five photos of a naked Harvey Weinstein have been passed around to the New York jurors considering the sexual abuse case against the disgraced Hollywood producer.

Selection headaches for each NRL club

EACH NRL CLUB'S BIGGEST SELECTION HEADACHE HEADING INTO TRIAL SEASONBRISBANE: WingAfter a failed halves experiment last year, former skipper Darius Boyd's best chance to crack the starting side may be on the wing with Jamayne Isaako in line for No.1 and Jack Bird and Kotoni Staggs set for the centres.