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This is an EMERGENCY WARNING level bushfire warning.

People in the areas of Boboyan Road, Apollo Road and Top Naas Road should leave immediately.

Leaving immediately is the safest option. Soon it will be too dangerous to leave.

If you are not in the area, do not return.

People in the areas of Boboyan Road, Apollo Road and Top Naas Road should:

  • Leave the area to a safer place immediately
  • If you are in the areas of Boboyan Road the safest route is south towards Shannons Flat.
  • If you are in the areas of Apollo Road and Top Naas Road the safest route is north towards Tharwa along Naas Road.
  • An evacuation centre has been opened at Erindale College.

If you are unable to leave:

  • Fill containers such as your bath, sinks, and buckets with water so you have access to drinking and firefighting water
  • Identify a safe spot to shelter in, which should be a place with more than one exit, preferably inside a brick building, away from windows and doors. The safest spot is the place that will keep you furthest away from the intense heat from the fire. As the fire approaches and passes, the safest spot will change so be ready to move

People in Smiths Road, Tharwa and the remote area of Orroral Valley should:

  • Activate your Bushfire Survival Plan if you have one
  • If you do not have a Bushfire Survival Plan identify where you will go if you need to leave
  • Locate important documents, emergency kit, medication, animals, and family members
  • Monitor the situation and stay up to date.

People in Banks, Conder, Gordon and Calwell should:

  • Monitor the situation and stay up to date.

Current situation:

The fire is travelling in a south east direction towards Boboyan Road, Apollo Road and Top Naas Road. The fire is out of control.

The size of the fire is currently 2978. Under current conditions, a fire is difficult to control.

Properties are under threat - leave now if you are able to. Firefighters are on scene. Helicopters are water-bombing and undertaking aerial surveillance.

There is currently no threat to properties in Tharwa or Canberra suburbs.

Boboyan Road is closed from Namadgi Visitor Centre and south from Shannons Flat. This road is only open to people evacuating.

Properties may be impacted by embers well ahead of the fire causing spot fires.

Conditions are very dangerous. Firefighters may be unable to prevent fire reaching your property. You should not expect a firefighter at your door.

Power, water and mobile phone service may be lost, and road conditions may become dangerous.

Keep up to date:

  • Check the ESA website (esa.act.gov.au)
  • Follow ESA Twitter account (@ACT_ESA) and ESA Facebook account (@ACTEmergencyServicesAgency)
  • Download and monitor the NSW RFS Fires Near Me mobile app
  • Stay tuned to your local radio station
  • Contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

Next update will be provided by 3:50pm or if the situation changes.