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Migrant and refugee employment help in Bega today at the Fun House

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A migrant and refugee employment consultant will visit Bega today. 

As part of the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast assistance to the Bega Valley migrant residents, an employment session is to be held at the Funhouse, Bega.

Nigel Maloney, an employment consultant with the Queanbeyan Multicultural / Multilingual Centre will be in  Bega from midday  to 3pm speaking with anyone about their present and future employment prospects.

He has already spoken with some aged care facilities and the advocates have lined up other organisations to assist him in the future.

The advocates anticipate working very closely with Nigel over the coming months and years.

"This visit fits in with our migrant and refugee programs including weekend visits, forums, the annual multicultural may and the monthly MAGIC meetings held in Bega," said spokesman Gavin Bell.