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'Regional communities at risk', says Gun Control Australia


An "explosion" in hunting and illegal hunting is being blamed for more guns in NSW.  

The major political parties are being urged to take action on the state's gun laws, with fears they're putting regional and rural communities at risk.

Gun Control Australia says the number of guns in New South Wales has surpassed one million, with an increase of nearly 90,000 guns in just over two years.  It says NSW is the worst offender for breaching the National Firearms Agreement following decades of pressure from the gun lobby.

President of Gun Control Australia, Sam Lee, says they understand the need for firearms in regional areas such as the Far South Coast, however they have serious concerns about the current gun laws. "There are valid reasons for owning a firearm, particularly being involved in primary production, however our concerns are the explosion of recreational hunting and illegal hunting in rural and regional areas.

"We're not asking there to be no guns, but what we're asking for is  sensible strong and reasonable regulation," she said.