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Labor federal shadow ministers in Moruya for climate change forum


The South Coast sweltered over summer, as did the rest of the country. 

The Federal Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Mark Butler will be at Moruya this evening for a public forum on climate change. 

Mr Butler will be joined by the Federal Labor candidate for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips and the Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Communities, Jenny McCallister. 

The forum starts at 6pm at the Moruya Golf Club.

Meanwhile Australia's record-breaking summer was so hot fruit cooked on trees, the Climate Council has said. 

The council today released a report confirming the South Coast and Australia just sweltered through its hottest summer with more than 200 extreme weather records broken around the country.

It shows the past three months were characterised by prolonged heatwaves, record hot days and bushfires.

Climate Councillor and former NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Greg Mullins, says the conditions were unprecedented and regional communities are bearing the brunt. He says the Federal Government must do more to combat climate change. "Scientists have told us for many, many years with greenhouse gases increasing, [in the atmosphere], temperatures will go up  and that is going to drive major weather events.

"Climate change is no longer theoretical, it's with us. It's affecting us and we need the Federal Government to step up and actually get some policies to drive down emissions, rather than sitting back and folding their hands and pretending they're doing something," Mr Mullins said.