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Eden Monaro candidates to feel the heat on environment at Merimbula this evening

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Above: A dead snapper from the shores of Wallagoot Lake on the Far South Coast. Our environment is in trouble, what are the major parties going to do about it if they win government in the Federal election? Meet them and find out tonight at Club Sapphire, Merimbula. 

Who understands climate science and who doesn't? Which party is going to urgently address climate change? Which party will cut emissions in a meaningful way?  Which party has a vision for a transitioning economy?  Which party won't be hamstrung by donors in the quest to implement the changes to a renewable economy? Which party is going to release water back into a sick Murray Darling system, and what about our local environment, we've just had a massive fish kill at Wallagoot Lake on the Far South Coast, what is being done about that? How will the parties stop the decline in Australia's terrible extinction rate and deforestation? 

Ask these questions and more to the candidates for the seat of Eden Monaro, in the forthcoming Federal Election, at Club Sapphire at Merimbula, this evening, from 6pm to 7.30pm.  The Member for Eden Monaro Labor's Mike Kelly will be there, as will Nationals candidate Sophie Wade, Liberal candidate Fiona Kotvojs and Greens candidate Patrick McGinlay.