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"Monster" Victorian sex offender seen on South Coast


If you see Christopher Empey call Triple 0.

The hunt for a dangerous sex offender from Victoria, has moved to the South Coast of New South Wales, after the man, 46 year old Christopher Empey was seen in Nowra a month ago. 

Victorian police have said Empey sold an-off road motorbike in Nowra about the 4th of December and they have CCTV footage of Empey in a Nowra shop. Police have not confirmed what kind of shop it was, but in the image there is a hunting bow behind Empey. Empey also looks thin and unshaven. 

Empey was granted parole in 2015 for a brutal and horrifying sex attack on a woman in 2002. The attack left her with permanent injuries. The sentencing judge described the crime by Empey as the acts of a "monster". 
Despite being sentenced to a maximum of 16 years in jail, Empey only served the minimum non-parole sentence of 12-years, and was released in 2015 on parole. 

Police had moved to place him on a serious sex offenders order and list him on the sex offenders register, so he could continue to be monitored. He was due in court on the 23rd of November last year, but when he did not appear at court it was discovered he'd disappeared from his property near Benalla, and had smashed his tracking bracelet. 

If you sight him call Triple 0. Do not approach him.