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Last minute reprieve for Merimbula-Eden taxi service and community


Following weeks of uncertainty Merimbula and Eden Taxis are set to stay on the road and transition to new owners. 

Good news this morning and a hot-off-the press scoop from the Merimbula and Eden Taxi Service. 

The service was due to close on the weekend. Owners Roger and Jenny Christie are both ill and had been unable to find new owners. This would have had a significant social and economic negative impact on the community. Many people rely on the service, for example, disabled children travelling to school, disabled adults, veterans, the elderly, tourists and Merimbula airport patrons. The community has spent an anxious couple of weeks not knowing what the future held, and many concerned about the isolation and disadvantage that would be visited upon the vulnerable as a loss of the service. 

The manager of the taxi service Susan Gordon has been one of the individuals working hard to ensure the service would not close and this morning she contacted East Coast Radio with some good news. Here is what Susan had to say: "I wanted to let the wonderful community know that Merimbula and Eden Taxis is now going to continue. There will be a change in ownership but thanks to our wonderful dedicated drivers there will be minimal disruption to services in the transition period.

"This is a wonderful outcome to what has been a stressful situation. I'd like to assure the community and all our customers that the veterans, schoolchildren, airport, disability and elderly patrons and regular and new customers will now continue to be picked up by the same familiar faces as we begin this new era.

"I want to thank Roger and Jenny Christie for their amazing service over the last 16 years and wish them well for the future, also thanks to the drivers who have moved on, retired or stayed with us. I also want to thank the community for showing us kindness and support in this stressful time, we are delighted with the outcome."