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95-year-old sex offender considered his granddaughter a 'sex pot', a South Coast court has heard


The Bega District Court has heard a 95-year-old man, charged with aggravated sexual assault against a child, had looked upon his three-year old granddaughter as a "little sexpot".

The man, formerly of Eden, is charged in relation to committing a sexual act on his granddaughter when she was 12 years old, at his home in Eden, 27 years ago. He now lives in Melbourne and cannot be named as victims of sexual assault and children are protected in law from being identified by the media, and naming him could identify his granddaughter.

The court heard today the man had told police his granddaughter had been a "sexpot" from the age of 3 or 4, and "would not leave him alone", that she'd "acted like a stripper" and that she'd "instigated everything".

The court heard he'd told police in relation to the offence, that he'd thought "he would give her something" so it would "stop her harassment" of him. The man was arrested last year and pleaded guilty to the offence.

The man's granddaughter who is now 39 told the court today of how the sexual assault had affected her life, how thinking about it made her feel "sick and nauseous" and that she had nightmares and flashbacks, and suffered from anxiety and depression. She said it had taken her power away and her sense of self and said the assault was always with her. She said she had carried the secret of the sexual assault with her to protect her family who she didn't want to divide, and as a teenager she'd been afraid they would leave her if they knew the truth. 

The Crown has called for the man to be sent to prison for the crime. The court will hand down its decision on Friday.