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Police tackling crime on water


South coast boaters will face random drug tests on top of breath tests  on our coastal lines for the first time, as part of a program rolled out by the Marine Area Command.

It comes after three fatalities and nine serious accidents across our state waterways in 2016, and this year.

The boating season officially kicked off on Sunday 1 October, which saw police officers from Marine Area Command as well as Roads and Maritime Boating Safety Officers patrolling the waterways.

Minister for police Troy Grant says water safety is a key priority of this government.

“We are committed to ensuring we don’t see another horror summer of drownings like we saw over the last Christmas and New Year period in New South Wales".

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NSW_Water_Police_Boat_at_Coffs_Harbour_October_2003_(4424215689).jpg