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Long-term water and sewer strategy open for comment

Bemboka water treatment plant drone compressed

Providing an affordable and high level of service is the focus of a new water and sewer long-term strategy currently on exhibition on Bega Valley Shire Council’s website.

Council’s Water and Sewerage Services Manager, Chris Best said the draft document is open for public comment for the next 28 days.

“The drafting of strategy documents is a cyclical commitment we make to our customers who rely on clean water being delivered to their taps and sewage being responsibly treated,” Mr Best said.

“This strategy, which looks at current projects and future plans spanning the next five years and beyond, marks an important stepping stone in the services we provide.

“It’s the first time we can talk about a costed, funded and in-progress plan to deliver treated and filtered water to all of our town-water customers.

The service has been a long time coming and with a treatment and filtration plant nearing completion in Brogo, and another being designed in Bega, council say they are close to bringing filtered water to thousands of people.

“Many more in the shire’s south will receive filtered water by 2027, with a third treatment plant at Yellow Pinch now costed and funded,” Mr Best said.

“These services and the upkeep of many assets, including more than 1,000km of underground water and sewer mains, come with a significant price tag, even with state and federal government assistance,"he said. 

“Over the next five years we aim to invest about $100 million on key water and sewage treatment projects. To prevent new projects impacting water bills and to eventually reduce sewer charges, we are pausing some renewals and avoiding overdoing any one project and seeking external funding elsewhere.

“By deferring, value managing, seeking government grants and rescoping some large projects, we can increase customer satisfaction without burdening our customers with additional fees.

“We encourage everyone to read and comment on this strategy because around a third of Council expenditure is on our water and sewerage service.

“Community engagement has played a major part in delivering the draft strategy, with three rounds of information gathered to help us to fully understand customer needs and priorities. This last step of receiving feedback from the community is vital before Councillors determine whether to adopt the strategy.”

To read and comment on the Draft Water and Sewer Strategy, visit the Have Your Say page on Council’s website.

Image Credit: Bega Valley Shire Council