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Cohen's Scratchy Fox lost on the coast


A family from New Zealand have put the call out for the South Coast community to help find a toy fox (pictured).

Hayley McBride told East Coast Radio she and her three kids were visiting family in Batemans Bay when 6-year-old son, Cohen's fox went missing on Monday (M ay 2).

"Sadly we had to leave the Bay and come back to Canberra so we couldn't search for it," Mrs McBride said. 


"It's very very special to him, he has sensory processing disorder and so this particular fox can't be replaced for that reason becasue of the way it feels and smells to him," she went on. 

"He uses it tro self-regulate, calm himself and fall asleep at night, we've had a horrible past two nights.


"If anybody finds it we would be so greatful if you can let us know, and I would be happy to pay for the postage to New Zealand if that's what it takes."


'Scratchy Fox' is orange with a white/cream belly and brown feet, and was last seen at the Village Centre in Batemans Bay and believed to be lost somewhere around Se7en Cafe and the nearby park at the Southern end of the batemans bay bridge. The cafe has been contacted and employees have not seen the toy fox. 

The McBride family are in Canberra and leave for Sydney on Saturday (May 7) before flying back to New Zealand on Sunday (May 8).


If anyone has any information email [email protected] and we can put you in touch with Hayley. 

Image Credit: Hayley McBride

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