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New cases of COVID on the South Coast


Southern NSW Health District hasconfirmed two new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded on the Far South Coast overnight.

One case in Batemans Bay and one case in Catalina (just south of Batemans Bay).

Both cases have reportedly been identified as close contacts of existing cases.

batemansBay Catalina

This takes the total number of active cases to six in Batemans Bay.

The Southern NSW Local Health District will publish details of venues after they finalise contact tracing.

Please look for symptoms, get tested, get vaccinated and stay home.

Southern NSW numbers 1609

Southern NSW Local Health District has been notified of seven new COVID-19 cases in total to 8pm last night.

  •  Two cases are in Yass and are close contacts of a known Yass case.
  • As mentioned above, one case is in Batemans Bay, and one is in Catalina, and both are close contacts of known Batemans Bay cases.
  • Two new cases are in Goulburn, one is a close contact of a known Goulburn case and one is a close contact of an Albion Park case.
  • One new case is located in Googong and is linked to the ACT.

A further two cases previously reported in the NSW total as being under investigation have now been confirmed to be in Queanbeyan. These cases are linked to the ACT.

Image: Google Maps, Southern NSW Local Health District

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