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Eden cat caught Sky high

Cat inTree

An adventurous feline got itself into a sticky situation on the South Coast on Tuesday.

An Eden NSW Fire and Rescue crew attended a callout at Government Road in Eden, at 2:40pm on Tuesday June 1 after the cat was reported to be stuck in a tree approximately 5 metres off the ground.

Sky the kitten had escaped out the back door of the Eden home and after climbing halfway up a tree, couldn't get back down, in her first venture outside. 

Sky, was successfully rescued from the tree by the Fire and Rescue team.

Eden Fire & Rescue Captain, Zlatco Nemec, said the kitten was happy to be back in her owners arms.

"The owners couldn't wait to grab the cat and take it inside the house," Captain Nemec said.

"They were extremely happy that the cat came down safely and it was back into the house and it went straight to its soup bowl apparently."

CatinTree owner