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Dhurga language to be sung at Four Winds for the first time


Above: The Djinama Yilaga Choir will sing songs in Dhurga at the Four Winds Festival this Easter. Photo courtesy Four Winds. 

The sounds of the Dhurga language will ring out for the first time from the Four Winds Sound Shell at Barragga Bay this Easter, thanks to the Djinama Yilaga Choir and a program initiated by Four Winds.

Here's a sneak preview of the beautiful music from the choir:

Language activist and composer, Dr Lou Bennett, has been working with the local women in the Djinama Yilaga Choir, she talked to Tonia Liosatos about the revolutionary impact singing in Dhurga has had on the choir women.


The choir was formed in 2019 when well-known Far South Coast artist, Cheryl Davison, was engaged by Four Winds as Aboriginal Creative Producer. 

The Four Winds Festival will be held over three days starting tomorrow, Good Friday.  The Djinama Yilaga choir will perform tomorrow, which is a free day at the festival.  Head here for more information and online registrations and tickets. 


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