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NSW Labor calls for vaccination awareness campaign


Labor is calling on the Berejiklian Government to urgently carry out a comprehensive public awareness campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated.
Surveys show more than one in 10 people in NSW may be unwilling to be vaccinated. Global research indicates this rate is even higher.

The Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park said NSW can’t afford mixed messages.
“The research shows there are still large numbers of people who are reluctant to get vaccinated. Lives and livelihoods depend on clear and consistent messaging,” Mr Park said.
“A multi-media, multi-lingual public awareness campaign in NSW is long overdue. We need the Government to be communicating across multiple media outlets in different languages on how and where to get the vaccine.”
It follows Labor’s call earlier this month to partner with the Commonwealth on a vaccine roll-out plan in NSW to:

1. Prioritise frontline vaccinations: There must be no delay in getting vaccines to frontline workers most at risk of COVID-19 exposure, including guaranteed priority for all those working in hotel quarantine. 

2. Leverage NSW Government resources to accelerate rollout:

  • We need to make sure many of our 400,000 strong NSW Government workforce is able to quickly administer, store and transport the vaccines
  • State facilities could be used to provide mass vaccination centres, mobile delivery units or to establish drive through vaccination centres
  • Leverage the Service NSW App to keep people informed and find nearest vaccination centres.

3. Appoint a Vaccine Rollout Chief Coordinator: We need a full-time, dedicated vaccine champion to drive this across NSW, working across Government agencies and with the Commonwealth. It’s important this happens alongside our ongoing COVID-19 testing and quarantine response.

4. Protecting the vulnerable: We must leverage our state service networks to get the vaccine to vulnerable groups including the elderly, people with disability and chronic health conditions. 

5. Public awareness campaign: Messages sent out across multiple media outlets in different languages on how and where to get the vaccine.

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