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Huge Great White Shark spotted off Blue Pool in Bermagui

Great White Off Bermi Jan 21

A great white shark 'pushing 5 metres' has been spotted by recreational fisherman trying to catch flathead just out the front of the Blue Pool in Bermagui. 

Brendon Suter and his mates were trying to catch a few flathead in 30 metres of water less than 1 km from the Bermagui shoreline when a monster great white shark approached their boat,  and continued to circle and bump the boat for close to an hour. 

Local Commercial fisherman Trapman Bermagui spoke to 2EC Mornings and said the Great White was a big one. 

"It was pushing 5 metres I'd say... from the tip of the tail to the dorsal, it was a big female," Trapman said. 

Great White Off Bermi Jan 21 v2

"It had a big scar down the side of its face where another shark had actually bit it which is scary in the thought something would bite something that big." 

Great White Off Bermi Jan 21 v3

 (Photos & Video: Brendon Suter and Trapman Bermagui)