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Eden Public School shut for another day after distressing vandalism leaves school trashed


Eden Public School will remain shut today following vandalism at the school.

The school was closed yesterday to clean up the mess. 

Police were called to the school late Sunday afternoon and say a ten year old boy and 13 year old boy are assisting them with their inquiries.


The school hopes to be operational tomorrow.  


Meanwhile, Bega Valley Shire Council says vandalism of the toilet block at the Joe Caddy Park in Tathra has become a serious issue over the past month.

Each weekend and several times during the week, since 11 October, the amenities block is being vandalised with graffiti, wet toilet paper thrown at walls, stalls and the ceiling, and sanitary bins tipped out.

Yesterday Council staff found street signs pulled out from several locations on Andy Poole Drive and a child’s scooter thrown on top of the shade sail above the playground.